About Zomojo

Zomojo is an Australian financial markets trading and technology company established in 2005. The firm is privately owned, with employees accounting for a significant majority of its ownership structure. The company develops software and hardware for trading on electronic markets. Zomojo uses this technology for its own trading, and also markets this technology to other clients. Zomojo is primarily active in the Asia-Pacific region but does not trade on any Australian markets.


Zomojo’s trading styles are very latency sensitive. In order to stay competitive the firm invests considerable resources into the development of novel software and hardware technologies. This has led the firm to accumulate significant expertise in low-latency network technology in a range of forms, including custom hardware. In 2008 the firm demonstrated a prototype exchange matching engine with single-digit microsecond latency. Low-latency gateways with pre-trade risk checking have also been developed for various markets.


Zomojo employs an elite team of scientists, engineers and developers, many with higher degrees and PhDs. Chief technology officer Dr Matthew Chapman manages the firms' continuing investment in research and development.
The two (executive) directors of Zomojo, Ian Heddle , and Dr Greg Robinson have extensive backgrounds in finance. Their collective experience encompasses funds management, proprietary trading, operations, stockbroking, algorithmic trading, pre-trade risk, matching technology as well as the management of several entities with Australian financial securities licenses.