Final appeal - Full bench of Federal Court

21 October 2015

The full bench of the Federal Court today dismissed two final appeals by Matthew Hurd in favour of Zomojo.

One was an appeal of the finding of contempt. Court Judgement

The other was related to the original trial. Court Judgement.

This now brings the matter to a close.

Selected Federal Court Updates

29 September 2014

Matthew Hurd's leave to appeal Company Statement

28 May 2014

Contempt charges against Zeptonics companies, Matthew Hurd and John Hurd found to be proven. Court Judgement

06 May 2014

Court orders assignment of patent applications to Zomojo. Court Judgement

31 October 2013

Federal court judgement finds Zeptonics companies to be insolvent. Court Judgement

13 June 2013

Federal court again denied Zeptonics Pty Ltd and Mr. Matthew Hurd leave to appeal. Court Judgement

12 Mar 2013

Zomojo announces it has initiated contempt of court proceedings against Mr Matthew Hurd and Zeptonics Company Statement

26 Feb 2013

Federal court denied Zeptonics Pty Ltd and Mr. Matthew Hurd leave to appeal. Executive Legal Summary

Original Federal Court Ruling

06 Feb 2013

The Federal Court of Australia has found resoundingly in favour of Zomojo Pty Ltd in its action against Mr Matthew Hurd, managing director of Zeptonics Pty Ltd, and others.

Company Statement

Executive Legal Summary



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